Concentrate on your emotions.

Consider the content that entices you to participate fully.

Is it the content that captivates, inspires, or astounds you? With so much emphasis on interactions and comments, you will need to really stimulate your followers’ opinions and feelings.

What emotions should you emphasise in order to stir up meaningful discussions among your fans? According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, six emotions were frequent in highly shared social media content.

  • Admiration
  • Amazement
  • Astonishment
  • Curiosity
  • Interest
  • Uncertainty

If you tailor your organic posts to evoke at least one of these six emotions, you should see an increase in shares and comments.

Don’t use engagement bait.

With the Facebook algorithm, you may be tempted to do anything to increase engagement and keep your Page’s content prioritised.

What does Facebook consider to be engagement bait?ย 

They described it in the post as “spammy Facebook posts that goad [users] into interacting with likes, shares, comments, and other actions.”

They gave the example of a page encouraging followers to “LIKE this if you’re an Aquarius! “, “tag a friend who…”, or “like for X, love for X, etc.”

The practise of “vote baiting” means asking followers to “vote” on one of several options by reacting to or commenting on a post in a specific way.

“React baiting” encourages users to respond to a post in a specific way.

“Share baiting” provides a hidden benefit to users who share a post.

The practise of “tag baiting” encourages users to tag friends who share characteristics defined by a post.

“Comment baiting” encourages users to respond in the comments with a specific word or phrase.

You can’t essentially game the system by pleading with your fans for shares, tags, and likes in 2021.

The only way to maintain your organic reach is to create or share truly interesting, thought-provoking content.

While you should avoid any engagement bait, you must engage with your audience and respond to every single post comment on time. This will indicate to Facebook that you are investing in developing meaningful relationships with your audience, which will improve the performance of your page.


Include quotes in your headlines. Sharing quotes, like including opinions and emotions in your posts (especially in your headlines), is almost certain to increase engagement and meaningful interactions with your content.ย 

They could be famous quotes from historical figures, or they could simply be excerpts from the interview or article you’re sharing. All that matters is that the quote piques your followers’ interest and gives them something to talk about.

Try it as a split test the next time you run a Facebook ad. Use one ad with a standard headline and another with a quote from the content you’re promoting. Compare the levels of engagement on both ads.


Posting a video and including a key quote from it in the header or description is a particularly effective combination for eliciting meaningful interactions. In this manner, you pique your audience’s interest with the quote before capturing their attention with engaging video content.

Place the video first.

On social media, video reigns supreme. Facebook’s News Feed algorithms prioritise video as well, effectively giving your video content a free boost in the Feeds of your fans. This increase is amplified by the fact that videos take up a lot of space on users’ screens. People stop scrolling when they see movement in order to figure out what it is.

Even GIFs or videos that are only a few seconds long can be extremely captivating. Even if your company lacks the time or resources to create high-end video campaigns, using animated content can help you maintain your posts’ rankings. Live videos, on the other hand, are the cream of the crop in terms of engagement.

Check out this great easy to use software for creating animation posts


Creating genuine content for Stories, a type of ephemeral content, are exploding on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and even Twitter.ย 

On Instagram, 86.6 percent of users now post stories, and 70 percent of those who view stories do so on a daily basis.ย 

This type of content will be around for a while, so why not make the most of it for your brand? Stories enable you to create content that is both authentic and engaging. All you need is a relevant idea to capture the attention of your audience.

Share and use on personal profiles

In the News Feed, the social network prioritises posts from your friends over those from brands. Then why not put your employees’ superpowers and use it on Facebook?

Branded messages receive 561 percent more reach when shared by employees rather than company pages. By commenting on the posts, your team can also help to spread the message across Facebook.

We hope this helps..

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