Email marketing Service

Email Marketing We go beyond clicks

Our e-mail marketing method complements and enhances your broader digital activity strategically, innovatively, and audience-centeredly, not just to offer a consistent brand message but also to engage your clients for increased online buying, loyalty, lead generation, and much more.

Email marketing is a vital instrument in our digital marketing mix that transforms the prospects and revenues generated from other channels. Lifecycle, transactional and loyalty emails are automatically triggered at impact points during the customer journey.

Delivering timely messages triggered by real-time behaviors, activity level, predictive scores, and more, by automating engagement for every part of the life cycle, from activation to retention.

Our campaigns run in the background continuously self-optimizing, so you can focus on qualifying those leads and managing your business.

Working in partnership.

We manage the entire email marketing process, from research and planning to strategy, copywriting and creative, building, and sending.

We will always involve you at every step, giving you the opportunity to provide feedback on strategy, copy, and creative throughout the process to ensure that the messaging you send reflects your brand and complements your overall promotional activity.