Digital Marketing Agency Based In Devon

Digital Marketing Agency In Devon

Social Media Solutions is a fully-fledged digital marketing agency. We are based in Exeter, the heart of Devon, but work with clients across the UK and around the world.

Social Media Solutions provides creative services designed to help businesses differentiate themselves from the overcrowded market. With Strategies to keep you in first place above the competition for 2022.  

Combining new digital marketing agency strategies with creative content creation, we have the technology to help you reach new customers and build new leads.

Our team of experts provides a complete range of digital services and we can help integrate a bespoke digital market strategy for your business.  Using one or a combination of these services to drive your business success..

Customized solutions to help you make the best use of your social media and connect with the right audience in time. With your input, we create unique content and strive to create emotional interactions with your audience through appropriate channels of communication with your people. 

SMM experts work on each project: strategist, content manager, copywriter, and social media market manager – to ensure the greatest impact on each of the campaigns we run.

SMS is a professional full-service digital marketing agency and we are also specialize in media design and so we are Video marketing agency too to propel you in 2022, and includes a digital market department that provides comprehensive digital market strategies and thoughtful content creation, aimed at helping your business stand out from the crowd.

Read our recent post about  best digital marketing agency that you need for your business to grow and remember you don’t need an agency that offer only one service , you need full service digital marketing agency that can help you every aspect of digital marketing.

Leading digital marketing agency team offers a wide range of capabilities covering all aspects of product communication across traditional and innovative media. 

Working with you we consider ourselves as an extension of your team and are here to help your business grow.

Services That We Provide

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising
  3. Website Development
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Creative Content
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization in Devon

These days, search engine optimization requires much more than choosing the right domain and using the right keywords for your website. Now, making good content for search engines like Google starts with content creation itself.

Digital media such as articles, photos, audio, and video hosted on blogs and social media accounts can be measured on Google itself if properly prepared. We use this fact and use it to enhance the authority and quality of your website.

Our professional SEO services assess the current state of your website, assess the potential for it to work with you to understand your current digital presence

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC advertising on search engines and websites is a less expensive payment method.

With PPC advertising (pay per click), you only pay when the user clicks (click hub) on your ad, and you have full control over how much you pay per click and how much you contribute to your advertising campaigns, ensuring you never spend too much.

New audiences can consume a lot of time and compete with organic search (SEO). Pay per dlick empowers companies to show instant advertising to their target audience. This can be done by selecting keywords for paid search ads, in which advertisers specify the keywords regarding the click hub they will be looking for.

Many platforms are available, but Google ads are the most widely used PPC management (formerly Google AdWords). Google Ads are categorized by paid search, purchase, display, re-market, and YouTube.

Web Development

We offer business web design and web development solutions that are incredibly easy to manage and bring a unique user experience. Increase the loading time of site design from one to three seconds and the reduction rate increases by 32%.

We take a structured approach to web design. Our development process was created to ensure every project is delivered on-time  and on-budget. Once your web design project kicks off, here’s

what to expect:

  • Initial Planning
  • Wire framing
  • Mockups
  • Copy & Graphics
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment & Optimization

Our web developers have partnered with our search engine optimization teams to build a portfolio of highly successful web design. We understand the needs of the company and the customers, and our team always strives for perfection. Our team of experts can create the best front-end website design.

Creative Content

When it comes to accessing page 1 on Google, there are no shortcuts. The fact is that if you wish to show on page 1 search results, your new property should be richer or better than the current content of page 1.

We build high-quality content with proven market strategies using the use of leading photographic and photo technology, as well as video editing skills so that search engines can find you and automatically identify you.

We take a collaborative approach as a content advertising agency, ensuring that research and understanding not only inform the selection of a campaign channel but also the art itself. 

By combining data and expertise, you can invest in larger campaigns with greater certainty of return.

Video Marketing

Our video marketing services can increase online sales and help spread your message to a wider audience. As a video content organization, we create video campaigns that are appropriate for any budget. Our content market is designed to fit your company’s needs, goals and objectives.

Whether due to company video or animation, we are developing content targeted at the people you care about. We take your snapshot from the bulletin board and complete it, taking care of all aspects of the snapshots to make an impactful video advertising campaign.

Email Marketing

At our digital marketing agency, email marketing approach complements and enhances your broad digital career with strategies, art, and audience, not only to deliver a consistent product message but also to engage your clients with more online shopping, loyalty, earning, and much more.

An email market is an important tool in our digital mix that transforms expectations and revenue from other channels. Lifecycle, transactional and loyalty emails are automatically initiated in the areas of impact during the customer journey.


  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive and Marketplace Research
  • Social Media Brand Expansion
  • AD Management
  • Community Management
  • Contest & Promotions    
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion Optimization

Strategy Development

Marketing your product without an online marketing strategy or using a fake marketing plan is a sure-fire way to lose money, waste time, and go nowhere.

In today’s digital world, growing an e-commerce business comes with many challenges and opportunities that require a variety of web marketing strategies and solutions. An online marketing strategy that works for a specific audience segment may not be the best alternative. 

With SMS Strategy Development, you will..

  • Find marketing space
  • Extend your access
  • Improve audience targeting
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Increase traffic, lead, and conversion
  • Produce better, faster leads
  • Find more opportunities to build brand awareness
  • Take appropriate initiative
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness and product success
  • Create your brand name
  • Business scale
  • Compete with larger industries
  • Complete business terms
  • Manage your financial resources

Competitive and Marketplace Research

Competitive research is an important part of any good marketing plan. 

This term may expose negative images but competitive research is not linked to testing. It has to do with paying close attention to your competition and what they are doing. 

SMS Competitive research involves identifying your competitors , testing their strengths and weaknesses, and examining the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services. By looking at your biggest competitors, you can see how your products and services fit together and what kind of threat they pose to your business. We will also help you identify industry trends that you may not otherwise have.

Marketplace Research

SMS helps you determine the effectiveness of a new service or product through research conducted directly by potential customers. 

Market research allows a company to find a targeted market and get ideas and other feedback from consumers about their interest in a product or service.

Social Media Brand Expansion

Social media branding is about using the right ways to engage with your targeted audience on social media. The goal or objective is to increase brand awareness. By making social media branding, we will make it easier for you to include the most relevant people in your marketing line branding by giving them a reason to trust you.

Reaching out to your existing members and potential users of social media marketing can help you become a leader in your community, in addition to expanding your product.

SMS Plus Devon Agency uses many platforms for branding on social media like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram to get clients for the specific business on Digital media.

AD Management

Web campaign management covers all the activities of an ad campaign from start to finish – from planning and conducting digital campaigns to results analysis and optimization. 

It includes measuring performance and conversations around Google campaigns and advertising campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube (as well as any other that may have arisen between us to write and read these words!).

Our job is to achieve your campaign goals. We start by buying keywords from search engines such as Google (SEM) or by buying media from websites.

Qualities for a great ad campaign:

Strategic thinking. We focus on the most rewarding actions to serve clients  better.

Attention to detail. We do not let anything pass and have the skills to follow the plans of the book.  Attention to detail is a necessity for delivering flawless campaigns.

Effective operation. We achieve results with a calculated and intelligent effort because we understand that time and energy are precious.

Analytical skills. It takes a real love of numbers to spend your days analyzing and rebuilding to improve campaigns.

Curiosity. The entire SMS team shares the same curiosity for intelligence. The desire to continue learning every day about new trends taking place in the digital world.

Community Management


Social media management describes the way your business engages with its audience on social media. 

This applies to your social media profiles, but may also include additional profiles that you have monitored, such as influencers or industry-related pages. 

Effective social media management often requires social media marketing tools that allow you to easily view, organize, and prioritize all incoming and outbound communications around your product. Social media management begins at the beginning of the customer journey when the product relationship with customers is established.

The strategy of growing and engaging any audience provided within the product-owned product area is used to attract potential buyers and create conversions. Our Team will maintain the audience for your business and brand to help you grow your business on a high level.

Contests & Promotions

Competitions are a unique way to drive brand awareness and audience engagement without directly promoting them – they provide a fun and engaging way for people to engage with your product. In other words, competitive marketing is a small “salesy” way to promote your organization.

Creating a promotion that allows users to win prizes by completing selected actions is one of the most powerful ways you can drive a greater amount of engagement and growth.

There are several types of prize pool you can use, each with its own set of benefits and rules to follow. There are four types of prize promotions where you can get raffles, lotteries, sweepstakes and contests.

Under the management of our , your product will continue to work among your target audience through promotional competitions depending on your business.

Content Creation

Content creation is the foundation of all modern market efforts when researching, producing strategic ideas, and developing those ideas into high-value securities, and developing those targeted pieces. SMS Digital content comes in many forms, including web pages, blogs, infographics, videos, and social media posts.

SMS Digital Marketing Agency has a major goal of content creation to attract new and returning customers. 

Inbound marketing strategies offer high-quality digital resources for free. This content establishes the thought leadership of your product while giving readers the information they need to make a purchase decision. Content comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be a text clip, audio, video, or photo. Some of the types of content you will find in marketing include:

Text: Blogs, SEO articles, white papers, eBooks, emails, social media posts.

Images: Infographics, GIFs.

Audio: Podcasts, audiobooks.

Video: Photos, webinars, talking heads.

We will take a closer look at some of the most common methods of content marketing, but first, let’s understand how SEO plays a role in content creation.

When we create a piece of content, we always serve it to two main audiences: your customers and search algorithms. The latest is a sophisticated technology that captures detail and conforms to patterns. Modern search engines like Google are surprisingly complex. In the early days of Google’s history, content creators can fill websites with keywords so that client sites get ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Conversion Optimization

In Internet marketing, conversion, or conversion rate conversion (CRO) is a program to increase the percentage of visitors to a website who convert into customers, or more generally, take the required steps on a web page. 

It is usually called CRO. In the world of the digital market, the best practice of CRO is a commonly held belief that a certain degree of excellence will ensure increased conversion rates, for example:

  • Use a solid color for all CTA buttons (call to action)
  • Place the CTAs on top of the fence
  • Use urgency and scarcity offers  (e.g., time limit) to drive sales
  • Always show proof
  • Use a few fields for your forms

We are based in Exeter, the heart of Devon, but working with clients across the UK and around the world. We provide solutions through internet marketing and SEO services tailored to the specific needs of each client, and for now, we are leading the way in the digital marketing space.

We have a proven track record of producing great results for our customers.

With SMS Plus Digital Marketing Agency In Devon, you can attract, entice, and convert more online earnings and get results to rest assured.

Look forward to working with you.

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